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    Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s mission is to promote historic preservation statewide through advocacy, education, outreach and preservation servicesto communities and individuals. Our vision is that inspired citizens statewide will honor and protect their heritage, build a sustainable future with historic places and prioritize the past as legacy for generations to come. Welcome to our story and the work of our organization. !

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    Learn all about our Endangered Places Program and submit a nomination for 2019.

    As a member of Colorado Preservation, Inc., you join us as an activist in preserving our state’s history. Your ongoingsupport will sustain our excellence in providing leadership, education, advocacy, and the funds to save Colorado’s diverse historic places, and to protect and preserve our cultural landscapes. Without your support of Colorado Preservation, Inc., more historic resources would be lost.

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    We're so glad to have hosted yet another annual Saving Places Conference! This year's theme was "The Power of Place: From the Mountains to the Plains". We celebrated diversity and place in over 70 sessions, workshops, tours, and inspirational speakers.

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    Advocating for "Saves" State-wide

    The Endangered Places Program is now accepting nominations for the 2019 sites. We welcome nominations from the mountains to the plains for threatened historic sites. Preserve your community history today with a nomination!

    Click here to read all about the 2017 Endangered Sites.

    Preservation Expert at Your Service

    CPI’s Preservation Services Program works with non-profits, public and private agencies to promote and manage preservation projects statewide. We do this by providing technical guidance on best practices or "Standards", offering preservation tools and ideas, connections, and funding options/incentives.

    Click here for more information.

    Today, led by an energetic Board of Directors and small professional staff, our growth in outreach, programs, projects and membership is accelerating. Colorado Preservation, Inc.'s Saving Places Conference, with more than 700 participants annually, has grown to be the largest statewide gathering of preservationists in the nation. We invite you to get involved.

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    Harrison broke down all the details behind the stunning twist in last night's episode of "The Bachelor."
    2:49 | 03/06/18
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    Coming up in the next

    Coming up next:

    'The Bachelor' recap

    Arie takes the women to Florida for some fun in the sun. ABC News' Jack Sheahan shows us who's left competing for Arie's heart.

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    Chris Harrison opens up about the shocking season finale of 'The Bachelor'

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    Video Transcript
    Transcript for Chris Harrison opens up about the shocking season finale of 'The Bachelor'
    Thank you, Lara. "Gma" cover story. We cannot get enough of this "Bachelor" betrayal last night. New backlash developing over Arie. The host, Chris Harrison, who talked to us said it was a little much. Diane ma sicedo is here with the story. Reporter: After the big engage M, the couple usually has privacy. This time around, the the cameras kept rolling. The result was an awkward breakup some say shouldn't have been on television. Before last night, the the craziest moment in history was Jason mesnick breaking up with Melissa and reuniting with Molly on national TV. It's been a long time. Yeah, it has. Reporter: Now, "Bachelor" nation is stunned over last night's cliff hanger. "Gma" caught up with Chris Harrison after the show. That was wild. 16 years of this. That was breathtaking. It was a lot etch for me. It's a lot to take in. Reporter: He reveals more about what happened behind the scenes. It was about six to eight weeks ar I E was struggling on this. He was about to go to another happy couple weenend in los Angeles. He came to me and said, I can't fake this for another weekend. I know I really care about Lauren. And I -- I want to give this a shot. And that's when he made the choice. Reporter: The result was "Bachelor" Arie breaking up with becca in a jaw-dropping, unedited scene. An unprecedented and uncomfortable move in reality television. Our "Gma" producer snapped this picture of Jason and Ben in the green room. As perhaps the most awkward breakup ever played out for viewers to see. The backlash swift and furious. Even past bachelors are calling out the show. Ben writes, how did this breakup end on camera? We don't belong. Sean Lowe posted, make it stop? Will Lauren take him back? Harrison has hosted "The bachelor" for 16 years. But he says showing it's not all roses is important. I pekt to catch some heat from this. In my opinion, you don't get to just tell the fairytales. That's not real life. That's not how it works. It's not how my life worked. It's not all about the fairytales. There's stuff like the this. Real life happens. It's probably what stirs everybody up. It draws something inside of all of us that we can all -- we have all been there. Reporter: Now, we should point out the last time this happened, Molly did take Jason back. They've been together eight years with two kids and his exfiance Melissa is married nine years with two kids. A hop pi ending is possible. We'll see how it resolves tonight.

    This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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